tyznar(site) If you are interested in playing for RISE Baseball please fill out the tryout registration link at  Register Here. Tryout for RISE Baseball are held in the Midlothian, Chesterfield, Richmond or Chester area. RISE Baseball tryout dates for RISE Baseball USA are listed below. If you have questions and or concerns about RISE Baseball tryouts please contact us at

JR’s 8u- 9u TRYOUTS (JUNE 09 and June 29th; 6:00pm @ Midlothian HS Varsity Softball)

RISE Baseball’s 8u and 9u JRs is the best way to start building toward RISE Academy. RISE JR teams get all the same benefits as Academy team an have a chance to start building an elite level team before 10u. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to start from the ground up. RISE Future is looking bright. Register Here

10U-11u TRYOUTS (JUNE 06; 6:00pm @ Midlothian HS Varsity Softball)

RISE Baseball’s 10u and 11u are full of talent for the 2022 tryout season. We are excited to seeing a lot of boys at tryout this year and look forward to working with those who are invited in academy training every week. Register Here

12U TRYOUTS (JUNE 14; 6:00pm @ Midlothian HS Varsity Softball)

RISE Baseball will have two teams RISE Red and RISE Black at 12u. Both teams are looking to add players to the 2022 roster and continue to improve. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join RISE Baseball before making the jump to the 60/90 fields. Register Here

13U TRYOUTS (JUNE 07; 6:00pm @ Midlothian HS Varsity Baseball)

RISE Baseball’s 13u is a combination of three teams. All three teams have had success in the 2021 Fall and 2022 Spring season. Winning multiple Championship games and looking get even stronger talent in the 2022 season. 13u is a mix of 7th and 8th graders so some players will have High School Tryouts as 13u year olds so don’t miss the opportunity to prepare for High School with one of the best academies in Virginia. Register Here

14U/2026 TRYOUTS (JUNE 15, July 20th;

6:00pm @ Midlothian HS Varsity Baseball)

RISE Baseball 14u/2026 is a big transition season either into their respected graduation class or they will be asked to join the 14u age group. RISE Baseball is known best for its success in the Showcase market and for many of our players it is their first look at showcase as they work toward toward their goals of playing college baseball. Register Here

2026 TRYOUTS (July 20th; 6:00pm @ Midlothian HS Varsity Baseball)

2026 showcase players will come together and compete in some of the best showcase events on the east coast. If you looking to join a program know for their success in showcase don’t miss the chance to attend the 2026 showcase tryout. Register Here


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