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Are you looking to improve your game through a one on one training environment? If so RISE Baseball provides private baseball lessons in the areas of hitting, fielding, pitching, catching, and basic throwing mechanics. Our professional baseball lesson staff has become one of the most renowned professional coaching staffs for baseball lessons in the Richmond, Chesterfield/Midlothian area. We focus on not only improving your mechanics, but understanding what your body has to do to have success; understand if you make one bad swing, or a bad pitch how do you make an adjustment. Contact chris@risebaseball.com or james@risebaseball.com to set up lessons with any of the following coaches below. The RISE Baseball individual baseball lesson staff includes:

Chris Martin: Hitting/Fielding

Dustin Sollars: Hitting

Nick Windom: Catching/Hitting

James Bierlein: Pitching/Catching/Fielding

Ronnie Shaban: Hitting/Pitching

Justin Wright: Pitching

Reggie Johnson: Pitching

Alexander Maurucio: Hitting/Fielding/Pitching

RISE Baseball Lesson Cost



Home Plate Pitching Machine by Sports Tutor allows kids to see various fastball velocities varying from 40 mph to 90mph! Not only does it throw various fastball speeds but also throws curveballs, sliders and change ups from Right and Left Handed pitchers without adjusting the machine! This pitching machine will help kids at every level have an advantage over the pitching, because it allows them to see live simulation of game speed pitches all year around!! Many Division 1 baseball programs such as VMI, VCU, UVA, and multiple Major League Organizations use Home Plate Pitching Machine!

Rent the Home Plate Machine at RISE Baseball for 30 minutes to an hour! During your first session an instructor will evaluate players and a program will be designated for players skill level. Players will have the opportunity to increase skill level as players advance.

For those who are members of RISE Baseball or those who do lessons at RISE will be eligible for discounts on the price to use the Home Plate Pitching Machine!


If you want to sign up for baseball lessons at RISE Baseball or have additional questions please contact RISE Baseball at rise@risebaseball.com