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Are you looking to improve your game through a one on one training environment? If so RISE Baseball provides private baseball lessons in the areas of hitting, fielding, pitching, catching, and basic throwing mechanics. Our professional baseball lesson staff has become one of the most renowned professional coaching staffs for baseball lessons in the Richmond, Chesterfield/Midlothian area. We focus on not only improving your mechanics, but understanding what your body has to do to have success; understand if you make one bad swing, or a bad pitch how do you make an adjustment.

RISE Baseball now offers pitching lessons with Rapsodo technology.

RISE Baseball Lesson Cost

     30min Lesson                                                                         10 Pack 30 Min Lessons    

$50 (Non RISE Player)                                                              $450 (Non RISE Player)

$45 (RISE Player)                                                                      $400 (RISE Player)

     1 Hour Lesson                                                                         10 Pack 1 Hour Lesson

$90 (Non RISE Player)                                                              $850 (Non RISE Player)

$80 (RISE Player)                                                                       $750 (RISE Player)

No Refunds on 10 pack lessons and one year to complete 10 pack. Cancelation policy: If a player must cancel a scheduled lesson please do so within 24hrs or you will be subject to a 50% charge of the lesson total amount.


Contact james@risebaseball.com or rise@risebaseball.com if you have any questions! The RISE Baseball individual baseball lesson staff includes:

Chris Martin: Hitting/Fielding

James Bierlein: Pitching/Fielding

Austin Sizemore: Hitting/Fielding

Nick Windom: Hitting/Catching

Alex Maruicio: Hitting/Pitching/Fielding

Cade Swisher: Hitting/Fielding

Brandon Pond: Pitching/Fielding

Ryan Traylor: Hitting/Fielding/Pitching

Bryce Fitzgerald: Hitting/Fielding