Baseball is a unique sport in that the body undergoes certain adaptations due to the constant repetition. The stresses of unilateral explosive movement cause abnormalities throughout the body. These adaptations can lead to injury due to the countless hours and reps the athlete spends trying to perfect their swing or mechanics. Thus, there are many mobility demands that the body requires to stay healthy in the sport of baseball. One of the goals of baseball specific training is counteract these adaptations and imbalances. The second goal is to improve a player’s performance with a large focus on his or her mobility, rotational power though hips and torso, leg strength and overall explosiveness.

“Baseball specific training is not only necessary to increase performance, but also plays a large role in injury prevention.” – SPT Director Dustin Sollars

Players who are new to sports performance training may be interested in One on One training or Pair Training. Both One on One and Pair Training can be done at any age and skill set. No matter what the athlete’s age, there is always room to improve.

Small Group Training is one of the most popular training models for advanced players who may be looking for similar training partners and hoping to advance in overall strength and health. With that said Small Group training is not only just for advanced players. The ability to work with younger athletes in a small group setting really helps the athletes understand the programming and better understand what we are trying to achieve. The small group setting offers the athletes with opportunity to push each other, and hold each other accountable.

“There are six basic movement patterns, to improve performance and strength you need to train all of these foundational patterns. At RISE SPT every athlete will train all six of these patterns no matter the age.” –SPT Director Dustin Sollars


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