RISE Sports Performance

RISE Sports Performance


Our head personal trainer here at RISE Baseball, Dustin Sollars has put together an incredible  strengthening program for those players who have just finished up High School baseball season to keep kids in shape and healthy for their spring and summer seasons. Dustin has also put together a program for those younger players who are ready to get into lifting. Below is an overview of what kids from all ages should expect and the reasoning behind this program that Dustin has put together.

Baseball can be especially taxing on the body throughout the season. Since most players are not switch hitters or throwers baseball players develop a great deal of asymmetry throughout the body, which causes dramatic differences in the strengths of the left vs the right side of the body. When too much asymmetry is present the risk for injury increases and performance will decrease.

After the season it is important to assess any issues with movement and address them. Therefore as the high school season comes to an end you want to focus a great deal on your non dominant side to help eliminate any asymmetries and imbalances in the muscles.

Following the end of high school season and months of explosive running, throwing, and swinging most players have done plenty of explosive high velocity movements, therefore it is key to stabilize the body through different movements and retain the athlete’s stability.

Once stability is restored throughout the body we want to help increase the athletes work capacity which helps prepare him for the workouts to come.

For the younger kids we will be introducing them into the strength and conditioning aspect of baseball by providing stability and mobility for each athlete. Once this is attained our goal is to give them a general understanding of how their body moves and provide good body control for the upcoming resistance training to come along with increasing their overall work capacity .

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday : 7:30-9:30

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