Open Training 2018

Advanced Open training

Advanced OT is an advanced training program designed for players who are preparing for high school tryouts and players looking to become elite level defensive players and explosive hitters. Three days a week players in Advanced OT will be building confidence as both a hitter and defensive player as they work with the RISE Baseball staff and current professional players. That’s nearly 18 hours a month of training in preparation for tryouts or the Spring season. Players will train through high repetition environment with challenging drills to improve a players athleticism defensively and power offensively. We ask that only serious players looking to make improvements to their baseballs abilities participate in Advanced OT. Training  dates are: Monday 7:30-9:00pm, Friday 7:30-9:00pm and Saturday 12:00-1:30am. Monthly start and end dates are below:

Monthly Start Dates:

November 2nd-30th

December 1st-29th

January 4th-28

February 1st– 25th

The cost per month is $200 per player or $550 for three months.

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