Cade Swisher

#6  •  ss / 2b  •  Cosby High School  •  Class of 2019

Player Information
Bats L
Throws R
Height 5'10
Weight 170
Player Statistics
60 yard 6.8
Inf Velo N/A
OF Velo N/A
Bat Speed 88
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Player Evaluation



OFFENSECade has very fast hands and great hand eye coordination. Cade tends to consistently find the barrel of the bat and has a very high upside as a hitter.  He has become a very good gap-to-gap hitter over the last year and has the potential to be both a high average and power guy as he continues to develop.

DEFENSE: Cade is one of the best defensive players we have seen in a long time. He has very good hands and great feet, but most impressive is his ability to reads hops and plays his angles at a very advanced level.  Cade is working on not being over aggressive as he has the tendency to try and play to fast.

Player Media