Andrew Weight

Andrew Weight

#13  •  rhp / of  •  Cosby  •  Class of 2019

Player Information
Bats R
Throws R
Height 6'0
Weight 185
Player Statistics
60 yard N/A
Inf Velo N/A
OF Velo N/A
Bat Speed N/A
Pitching Statistics
Fastball 85
Changeup 76
Curveball 75
Slider 78
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Player Evaluation


PITCHING: Andrew has a quick arm and very athletic delivery. He has an explosive fastball and locates down and on both sides of the pate. Andrew’s changeup works well off of his fastball down in the zone and a good speed difference from his fastball. Andrew has 2 very good breaking balls; slider and curve. His curve is a true 12-6 breaker that he can locate for strikes when he needs to and has very late break to it. His slider is his out pitch; it is hard and late and looks like his fastball until the last second. Andrew has great demeanor and body language on the mound he has a game plan and know what he needs to do to execute it.



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