Aidan Magee

#35  •  of / rhp  •  Clover Hill  •  Class of 2020

Player Information
Bats R
Throws R
Height 6'1
Weight 165
Player Statistics
60 yard 7.15
Inf Velo N/A
OF Velo 85
Bat Speed 93.2
Pitching Statistics
Fastball 83
Changeup 77
Curveball 68
Slider N/A
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Player Evaluation


PITCHING: Aidan is a tall RHP that has good downhill action on his fastball. He can locate all 3 of his pitches fro strikes. Aidan has a sharp breaking ball and also locates his changeup in the bottom of zone with good downward action.

DEFENSE: Aidan is a good defensive OF the shows good range and take good routes. Aidan has a plus arm in the OF


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