Brennan Tyznar

#33  •  lhp / lhp  •  Trinity Episcopal High School  •  Class of 2019

Player Information
Bats L
Throws L
Height 6'2
Weight 185
Player Statistics
60 yard 7.5
Inf Velo N/A
OF Velo N/A
Bat Speed N/A
Pitching Statistics
Fastball 85
Changeup 72
Curveball 69
Slider N/A
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Player Evaluation



PITCHING: Brennan is a big LHP with a good arm. Brennan throws the ball down hill constantly. His fastball moves well and down on both sides of the plate and his change has good depth to it. Brennan’s curveball is a good hard sweeping curve and very effective to both right and left handed hitter. Brennan worked hard this past offseason on using his kinetic chain more efficiently throughout his delivery working from the ground up. He has seen a good jump on his fastball velo and his off speed pitches are more consistent and in the zone.

Player Media