Caleb Grizzard

Caleb Grizzard

#10  •  of / lhp / 1b  •  Cosby  •  Class of 2022

Player Information
Bats L
Throws L
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Player Statistics
60 yard 8.31
Inf Velo N/A
OF Velo N/A
Bat Speed N/A
Pitching Statistics
Fastball N/A
Changeup N/A
Curveball N/A
Slider N/A
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Player Evaluation


PITCHING: Caleb is another LHP who moves very athletically on the mound with a loose live arm. Caleb has a very good fastball with good ASR on both sides of the plate. His changeup has good depth and speed difference. Caleb’s breaking ball has tight spin and good late break can develop into a very good slider down the road. Caleb has a lot of upside on the mound.

DEFENSE: Caleb is a quick and fast OF. He gets incredible jumps off the bat and takes great routes to the baseball. Caleb has a plus arm from the outfield. Caleb can play all 3 OF positions.


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