Ryan Fahy

Ryan Fahy

#15  •  c / rhp / inf  •  Matoaca High School  •  Class of 2021

Player Information
Bats R
Throws R
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Player Statistics
60 yard 7.70
Inf Velo N/A
OF Velo N/A
Bat Speed N/A
Catching Statistics
C Velo N/A
Pop Time 2.25
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Player Evaluation


PITCHING: Ryan is a good pitcher that can pound the bottom of the zone. Ryan has a good fastball that he keeps down in the strike zone. His change up has good speed difference and works off his fastball well. Ryan’s breaking balls shows good tight spin with true break to it. Ryan is working on having his off speed pitched become more consistent.

DEFENSE: Ryan is a great defensive catcher. Ryan receives and blocks the ball with the best of them. Ryan’s has good footwork and transfer on his throws down to 2B.


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