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RISE BASEBALL Partners with MPH 101


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RISE Baseball is excited to announce the partnership between RISE Baseball and MPH101 headed by Charlie Dragum and Hunter Hoy. This partnership allows RISE Baseball players to develop through a throwing program that has been proven to develop players velocity, become more durable, and recover faster. The currently list of college commits from MPH 101 include:  Kevin Light (Longwood/Nationals), Jacob Mayers (University of Richmond/ Nationals), Aaron Berg (Longwood), Patrick Long (Georgia Tech), Jacob Smith (Radford), Allen Ellis (Longwood), Justin Sorokowski (FSU), Stephen Carpenter (VCU), Andrew Knizner (NC State), Marty Tolson (UMBC), Derek Casey (UVA), John Gregory (Longwood), Hayden Moore (VCU), Jacob Weis (University of Richmond), Grey Lyttle (High Point), Jack Dragum (UVA), Austin Erb (Ashland University), Logan Barker (Marshall University), Tyler Kane (RMC), Justin Thorn (RMC), Reeves Lowry (Shenandoah), Chris Childress (RMC), Alex Ford (Mary Washington), Daniel Burroughs (College of Albemarle), Bryant Lowry (CNU).


“Anytime we can partner with someone who trains players with the same intensity as RISE Baseball we have to do it! Not to try and be the biggest academy in Virginia, but to provide the best opportunity for our players to develop and continue their careers at the next level”. Owner of RISE Baseball – Chris Martin

“Coach Dragum and Coach Hoy are masters of MPH 101! They are great coaches and I feel honored to be able to learn and grow as a coach from their knowledge and help all ball players. They coach with passion and love what they do they fit right in with the RISE Family and the RISE Way.” – RISE Baseball Director of Baseball Operations – James Bierlein


RISE Baseball MPH101 is a year-round throwing program not geared only towards pitchers, but towards players looking to improve both throwing mechanics and arm strength. Players can start at nearly any age as long as he has the intensity and focus required to perform the required training.  Best results are shown when players make MPH 101 a life style by participate in all 3 sessions (Summer, Fall and Winter). Players have seen as much seen as 18mph jump in velocity in one years. RISE Baseball MPH 101 has two locations in Virginia: RISE Baseball MPH 101 NORTH & RISE Baseball MPH 101 SOUTH. If you are interested in learning more about RISE Baseball MPH 101 go to http://risebaseball.com/rise-baseball-mph101/

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